“The central conceit is that the show’s characters are all deceased folk who have returned from beyond the grave to delight us with pattery torch songs.  For a song and dance revue about death and dying, it must be noted that this sprightly and decidedly perky revue is almost bizarrely frisky and cheery.” – Back Stage West

“This killer one-act revue would make Hades himself smile.  Macabaret’s songs unearth nearly every conceivable double entendre to hilariously combine themes of vaudeville and death.  Even the very arrangements have humor, while the piece still manages touching and gentle humanity.” – Drama-Logue

Link to the full Macabaret site (with all demo tracks & libretto)

By Scott Keys & Rob Hartmann

Upcoming: international premiere in Madrid, 2012.

Over 25 productions since the premiere at The Duplex in New York in 1994; productions have played Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Sarasota, Nashville, Seattle, as well as a number of venues across New Hampshire.

Sample Track “Macabaret”

Sample Track “Psycho Killer Cow”


Madrid Production Website

Original New York Cast Television Appearance