Stay On The Line was originally titled 24 Hours in its earlier incarnations. The show was originally developed at Cal State Fullerton; a new production will open in Los Angeles in 2013.

“It’s  a  classic fish-out-of-water  story:  sheltered rich  boy Brian ends  up at  an urban  peer/crisis hot-line center, fielding the streetwise  volunteers who are tougher than some of the suicide calls.

24 Hours  works remarkably well. Rob Hartmann’s score  is  a memorable blend of rock  & roll, ballads and gospel. Bruce Goodrich’s lyrics are  deeply moving,  and the  ensemble delivers  the whole package  in fine, vibrant voice.”

To my mind, 24 Hours is worth your hard-earned cash because it contains the single most relevant message in recent musical-theater history: when life is tough, pull your head out of your  ass and do something  to make the world better. Connect. As simple as it  is, few of us  grasp it, so it’s a message worth repeating.” – OC Weekly


Book & Lyrics by Bruce Goodrich

Music By Rob Hartmann

The Stella Adler Theater, Los Angeles (2004)

The Human Race Theater, Dayton (2004)

California State University, Fullerton CA (2001)

Sample Track “Stay On THe Line”

Sample Track “Gone”

Sample Track “For The Innocent Face”