Six actors (three men and three women) portray eighteen characters in four interlocking stories which span four generations of an American family in the living room of the Harrison home on a day prior to Christmas in 1998, 1971, 1951 and 1921.

These holidays hold a mix of love - both requited and unrequited, pregnancy, unemployment, war, divorce, mourning, and distance - both physical and emotional.

Equal parts humor and heartache, the script and musical styles jump back and forth in time, until the tree is decorated, the families in their new configurations are united, and new traditions are forged as old ones are reaffirmed.


Book and additional lyrics by Matthew A. Everett

Music and lyrics by Rob Hartmann

California State University, Fullerton (2002)

The  song “All the Years” was presented at Carnegie Hall in  2004 by the New York Gay Mens’ Chorus