“This charming tale may well prove to be the best thing to grace Illusion’s stage in ages.  Based on a children’s book by Aussie author Morris Gleitzman, it is the story of a cheeky Australian lad named Colin who is packed off to Britain by his parents when they discover that his younger brother is dying of cancer.  Colin lands with his frumpish aunt and uncle and a mousy cousin named Alistair, whose aid he enlists to meet the Queen and uncover a cure for his brother.  Along the way, he meets a goodhearted bloke named Ted, whose lover is dying of AIDS.  It would seem a maudlin premise for a children’s story, but Rothstein and Hartmann imbue it with the sort of irrepressible wit and endearing naiveté that only members of the Commonwealth seem to be able to muster these days.  Add to their efforts those of an outstanding ensemble cast, and the result is, as they say down under, full-on brilliant.” – Minneapolis City Pages


Book and Lyrics by Mary Morris

Music and Lyrics by Rob Hartmann

Based on the novel by Morris Gleitzman

The Illusion Theater, Minneapolis

(workshop 1999, full production 2000).

Sample Track “AirPlane Sequence”

Sample Track “Q For Queen”

Sample Track “Story Of Our LiFe”