“Wild Blue is structured around a young man who dreams at night about seemingly every element of flight. Within those dreams, he meets aviation's most famous figures, such as the Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindbergh and Chuck Yeager, as well as lesser-known pioneers including Bessie Coleman, an African American woman who became a stunt pilot in the 1920s. The young dreamer also explores aviation folklore and other flying related themes by way of Leonardo da Vinci, early balloon flight, the myth of Icarus, and modern day airlines.

The revue contains a good deal of pastiche, as well as songs from various musical styles, starting with a jazzy opening number, a bluesy torch song, bluegrass and Caribbean flavored tunes, and even a rockabilly song by an Elvis-inspired Chuck Yeager. The lyrics are often witty, rarely forced or repetitive, and sufficiently communicate the details of the history and message of each song. The show has an effective balance of humor ("Afternoon Adventure," "Stews") and serious moments ("Time Flies," "Wild Blue"). Some beautiful choral arrangements are also showcased in songs such as "Gonna Amount To Something" and "Daughters & Sons of Ohio."

Wild Blue is truly a celebration of the universal and eternal desire to fly, regardless of race, gender, or nationality. With many enjoyable songs, a generally effective narrative, wonderful performers, and great direction and design, the show is sure to please both fans of theater and flight.” -TalkinBroadway.com

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Sample Track “Getting Off the Ground”

Sample Track “Time Flies”

Sample Track Stews


Book and Lyrics by Scott Keys, Liv Cummins

& Rob Hartmann

Music by Rob Hartmann

Lesley University, Boston, (2007)

The Human Race Theater, Dayton (2003)